Frequently Asked Questions

Will my event work in your space?

Because of the flexibility of our space, we are able to accomodate a variety of event types. Some of the events we've hosted include:

What size groups can you accommodate?

Between the Kakao Gallery and the venue space, 415 can provide a fresh setting for work team or parties of 15 to fundraisers or gatherings with 300 people. Specifically, the venue space is rated for 300 people and can host 225 at round tables. The Kakao Gallery is rated at 50.

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415 Westlake Venue Space 415 Westlake Venue Space

What is included with use of the venue?

You likely have enough on your plate so our hope is that we can make using 415 as simple and stress free as possible. The space includes at no extra charge:

Can I use my own caterer?

Absolutely! We want your event to be all you want it to be. You can choose your caterer, and/or bar service. We simply ask that they are licensed and insured. Really? Yes, really! If you are looking for suggestions for caterers or vendors we will gladly provide you with folks we believe do excellent work and know their way around 415 but we have no financial arrangement with them so you are free to choose who you wish knowing there is no hidden fees coming to us.

415 Westlake Wedding Reception

Can your internet connection handle the data needed for teleconferencing?

Yes, we have 100 Mbps internet connection speeds that enable high quality audio and visual transmission.

Is there parking?

415 has up to 20 spaces depending on the time of day. There are also over 300 spaces available at 320 Westlake (a hundred and twenty five paces down the block) and free street parking after 6:00 pm.

415 Westlake Sidewalk

Do I need an appointment to take a look at 415?

If there is no event taking place you can always stop by during café hours Monday through Thursday 7am—8pm, and Friday from 7am—6pm. To do a walk through with our venue lead and have your questions answered, please fill out our Contact Form.

Your rates are lower than comparable sized venues so do you still have a discount for non-profits?

We believe nonprofits provide a great benefit to the community and we want to partner with you the best we can so yes we have discounted rates for 501 c3 non-profits.

*If your event involves multiple light settings or the mixing of more than the two wireless microphones we provide we do ask that you hire one of our lighting or sound techs to ensure you receive the results you are seeking.

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